“Data-Freak Machine” is a software which :

  • centralizes labels and self-produced artists in an integrated all-in-one infrastructure
  • provides metadata and audio files from the Company server to digital platforms
  • organizes repertoire through key assets such as releases, products and tracks
  • generates label copies, release schedules and catalogues
  • import and accounts income from performance rights worldwide
  • accurates revenues and costs reports of labels’/artists’releases, products and tracks
  • keeps track of manufacturing and stocks
  • safeguards contracts with right holders
  • imports any sales statements from online and offline distributors
  • will integrate those data, analyse them according to the contracts of the beneficiaries (artist or independent label), will calculate the remuneration which has to be paid relating to the rights of the beneficiaries
  • will organize the retrocession of the remuneration to those beneficiaries and determinate royalty splits with or without various options 
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